Congratulation's letter on victory


On behalf of CEO's international partners ITE, I would like to congratulate our colleagues, partners, customers, and their families and friends on Azerbaijan's great victory.

There can be few things more inspiring than seeing the liberation of one's land, and to see it done with such strong leadership, and with such a professional and brave army, in lightning speed, will be a source of pride to all Azerbaijanis for all history, and of admiration and wonder to all friends of Azerbaijan. Now all the years of waiting have come to an end, and Azerbaijan's patience in the face of persistent provocation, and calm preparation for its date with destiny, has been justly rewarded.

Now, it is time for us all to step up to rebuilding the damaged lands now returned, and we assure our friends that we will make our contribution. 

We look forward to participating in the next great renaissance of Azerbaijan, and wish everyone continued success in the all their endeavours.


Yours faithfully,

Edward Strachan
ITE Events, Director